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Blacksburg Family Portraits
Blacksburg Family Photographer
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Christiansburg Family Portraits
Blacksburg Family Photographers
Christiansburg Family Photographers
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Fun Christiansburg Family Portraits
Best Christiansburg Family Portraits
Top Christiansburg Family Portraits
Fun Blacksburg Family Portraits
Family Portraits in Christiansburg
Best Blacksburg Family Portraits
Family Photographer in Christiansburg
Family Portraits in Blacksburg
Family Photographers in Christiansburg
Family Portraits at Claytor Lake


Sessions start at $399.  Please contact me below for more details.

I'm passionate about helping Mom look good and feel good in pictures

I take time to pose Moms in flattering poses and angles, I give Mom clear direction on where to place her hands, where to look, (and my favorite tip) how to avoid double chin

I care what Dad thinks

Ever dragged your husband kicking and screaming to Family photos? I like to get Dad involved, give him things to do like: swing the kids, do piggyback rides, throw the kids in the air, and give Mommy a kiss.

I want your kids to have fun

I understand that kids don't sit still for long, so I play games with them, have Mom & Dad to tickle them, play red light-green light, etc. I keep the session interactive so we avoid the dreaded meltdown.

Message me today to book your Family Session